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"The Ultimate Sacrifice"  
National EMS Memorial Service

National EMS Memorial Service Honoree

NEMSMS Honoree Bill Serra

University of Michigan Health System Transplant Team
Ann Arbor, Michigan

"Bill's ‘my space' page clearly stated how he lived his life; it read ‘it's not the year you were born or the day that you die, but how you live the dash in between.'" He lived his life to the fullest. He was a family man with a wry sense of humor who enjoyed his work. "He loved flying and was the most easygoing person you could meet," said Adil Sammon, a friend. His son, William, said "my Dad touched everybody he met and just cared for people."

William Serra, 59, died in the line of duty on June 4, 2007. He was killed when the Cessna jet crashed into Lake Michigan just minutes after taking off from the General Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee. He was one of a six-person team transporting an organ to a patient in need of a new lung.

Bill had been with Marlin Air for three years as chief pilot in charge. He logged over 12,000 hours of flying time on everything from small planes to 747s. He served in the US Navy as ordnance mechanic and was honored in 1993 by the US Air Force for his work as a civilian pilot delivering material and ammunition to US forces of the Persian Gulf War.

Bill used to say "music makes the world go round" and he loved listening to good music. He also loved to sail and liked a good baseball game. He was a wonderful husband and loving father who will be sorely missed.

Honored 2009