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"The Ultimate Sacrifice"  
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NEMSMS Honoree Alan Harrison

Eagle Med
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"Al" Harrison was a beloved friend, phenomenal person, a man of the highest integrity, a dedicated father, and a strong Christian man whose passion was helping others. He had many talents and hobbies from music and photography to sailing, rock climbing and motorcycles. Anything that had to do with speed, precision, or competition, Al would pursue and work at diligently until he had it perfected.

He had never met a person that wasn't a friend. Al was a man with strong Christian values and knowledge of the Bible and a great love for the Lord. He was a single father; his daughter, Amber, was the true love of his life and he doted on her often. It was his love for man and the Lord, along with his desire to help people and do things with perfection that led him to the job he referred to as his "calling."

On the evening of Thursday, July 22 while en route to Okeene to pick up a patient, EagleMed 7 crashed in a secluded area outside of Kingfisher, OK. Harrison and flight nurse Ryan Marshall Duke were killed in the crash. A third crewmember survived the crash.

Honored 2011

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